Advertising for an insurance company!

This is an advertising which is a little bit explicit about the danger of the speed when you are driving your car. It shows the importance to get an insurance contract to protect yourself against the possible danger you can encounter in your life.


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Say no to dirt!

I hope you will enjoy that washroom solutions ad which is quiet good!Indeed the music is fun and as every single washroom ad you can see a beautiful girl who presents the product. In this ad the way of presenting the product is a little bit different…but it is working!

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Bloody fur coats

This is an anti fur campaign created by GREENPEACE. Sensitive souls stay away from the screen because it is a little bit violent. There are top models who wear fur coats. As you know you need to kill animals to make fur coats. That is the way GREENPEACE want to show the possible violence of a fashion show.

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Do you really like fresh drinks?

Here you are!!!This very funny ad is for a fresh energy drink. Do you think this ad have been done to promote the taste? I hope that was not the aim!!Enjoy the show!

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Eating disorders

Here we are! In our society there are a lot of taboos, many problems we know something about but we never talk about. This video clip bridges the gap between the disease and the public knowledge to make people a little involved and concerned by those kind of prblems.

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This is the way to shock the Church…


┬áThis is one of the most famous ad campaign of Benetton! The aim was to confront different colors of course but with some stereotypes to put into people minds that the melting pot is possible at every single level in our society! “United colors”


This is an ad campaign for a clothes brand that had been removed because of the Church. Of course it represents a famous painting of Da Vinci but here it’s a little bit modern. The problem with this ad is the appropriation of a holy image to promote a brand. Even if the seperation of the powers is effective the Church is still keeping a huge part of influence in our society. Is it good or not? What’s your opinion about that?

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private joke on advertising!

This is a compilation of four video clips of the campaign for an ad company called “LOWE”. This campaign have made a lot of noise in 2002 because the aim was to sale as bad as possible the image of the advertising world. I’m sorry because it’s in french but i guess you will enjoy it a lot!

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